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Each project configuration refers to one template. bloofoxCMS differs between frontend and backend templates and delivers some default templates. You can set up additional templates for frontend and backend.

Please go to Administration -> Templates. You'll see a summary of all installed templates. To install a new template click on the plus button "Add new template".

There are two ways to add a new template.

If you choose "Create new folder" the system will try to create a folder in /templates. You have to upload the template files to this directory afterwards before you can finish to add.

The other way is to upload the new template folder by FTP. After the new folder was uploaded you can choose it from the selection and add it to the templates.

Setup new templates

If you like to create a new setup it is recommended to work offline.


The file names for the main template file and CSS file are free eligible, all the other filenames are hard coded and must be named like in a default template.

To upload your template to your webserver you have two possibilities:

1. Upload via FTP

Upload your new template folder to folder /templates on your webserver.

2. Upload via Admincenter

This method only works if your folder /templates has got the rights chmod 777. This function is available in Admincenter, Tools, Upload.

After uploading you have to add your template in Admincenter to the templates list.

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