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General Settings

In Admincenter, Administration, general you may define some general settings for the complete system.


Check for new versions in Admincenter home 

If you activate this option the system checks for a newer version. It will display in Admincenter Home, if there is one available.

Send register notification to admin with each registration

If you activate this option the system sends a notification to the email, which is defined in the project configuration with each new user registration.

Use login protection/session logging

If you activate this option the system  logs all logins for every user. If a user login failes five times successively the user account will be blocked. An email will be sent to the users email to give the chance to unblock the account by clicking a link.

Refresh online status with each request

If you activate this option the system checks and sets the current user online status with each call of a page.

Users can modify own contents only

If you activate this option the system allows only to modify the contents in these pages which were created by the user. All users which have rights to change the general settings can still modify all contents.

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