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User Management


There is no difference between backend users and other users saved with the user. This difference is done with user groups.

Also the private information to each users are not saved with the user. They are hold in the user's profile.

The following information are saved for users:

Username: the username (Login)

Password: the password (is not shown in modify mode); if it shouldn't be changed leave it empty

Groups: groups, the user is can be a member of

Blocked: block a user

Deleted: mark user as deleted

Status: status if account is activated

If field status is inactive or field blocked is yes or field deleted is yes the user can not log in.

User Groups

User groups control access rights internal and external of the Admincenter. Contents can be open only to specific groups, also complete websites can be restricted to a special group.

The internal rules control the access to the different areas. The option 'Demo' allows in general to read and disallows in general to write.


If you change a usergroup name you have to modify manually all contents, websites and users which are allocated to the group.

In version 0.2.3 and later the change of a usergroup name is done automatically in all contents, websites and users.

Access Rights

Access rights are related to user groups. In general groups have complete access rights, but you may restrict them additionally.

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