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Two bugs fixed in version 0.2.1

In the current version bloofoxCMS 0.2.1 were two bugs fixed. The new files are now included in bloofoxCMS 0.2.1 download.
One of the bugs was in install process for users with MySQL 3.23 to 4.0 while installing the CMS using the wizard. Install failed. The other bug was in Admincenter when WYSWIWYG editor is activated. If there were two or more text contents added to one page it was not longer possible to edit these contents.

Live Demo Update

The bloofoxCMS live demo was updated to the current version.

BloofoxCMS version 0.2.1 is now available

Today we can publish the new version bloofoxCMS 0.2.1. It is available in downloads. The most new features were made in Admincenter, e.g. an online editor for templates, css files and language files.
The new frontend feature was already implemented in 0.2.1 Beta and is now thoroughly tested.

bloofoxCMS 0.2.1 Beta available

The new BETA version of bloofoxCMS is now available for downloading. There were some bugs fixed and a new feature implemented which supports to publish few different default text contents on one site.

Happy New Year 2007

We wish all our visitors a happy and great year 2007!

bloofoxCMS 0.2 released

After a while of developing and creating a new version it is now time to present our new version bloofoxCMS 0.2 which is more powerfull and easier to use.

bloofoxCMS 0.1.3

Servicepack 3 for bloofoxCMS was actually finished and is now available as full package 0.1.3 and as update 0.1.2 to 0.1.3 in our download area.

New documentation for bloofoxCMS 0.1.2

A new documentation for bloofoxCMS 0.1.2 was created. It is available from now on. There are much more information about the cms and it should help to solve problems.

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