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New 0.3 beta version available

Today we like to present our new beta version bloofoxCMS 0.3. We think many things changed to have more features and to get more efficiency in working with it. If you like to see a demo just go to demo.bloofox.com - we already updated to the latest version.

An update from older versions is possible, the update guide will be available the next days.

For any bugs or questions please contact us or use the tracker features of sourceforge.net.

New version 0.3 coming soon

At this time we just give you a status message about bloofoxCMS 0.3, the new version. The next days there'll be a beta version available for download. We want the stable release to be available in October or latest in November this year. A lot things changed and there is a new plugin coming along with it: a gallery - for the first release it's only a simple functionality without anything special but it's doing its job very well.

So far from the development view.

XHTML validation

Since a few days the validation of the standard templates occures an error. The W3C expects to specify the HTML tag. If you get this error just replace the html-tag in your template file with

html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"

to get your validation be free of errors. In all new versions this will be included as default.

New hotfix version bloofoxCMS released

Today we released a new version This is a hotfix version with all files, so it's a complete stable version. There was one bug fixed in plugin bottom_menu. When you tried to install this plugin a sql error occured. We also deactivated mod_rewrite by default because if mod_rewrite is not available an internal server error occured.

For this version there is no special update process needed when updating from version 0.2.3. Just replace file .htacces in main folder and file install.php in folder plugins/bottom_menu/.

bloofoxCMS Demo updated

After release of bloofoxCMS 0.2.3 the online demo is updated to the latest version. Go and check it out at demo.bloofox.com

bloofoxCMS 0.2.3 is released

Earlier than expected we could release bloofoxCMS 0.2.3 stable. It is available in download area. For complete information about changes you may read the release notes on sourceforge.net. There is also a file changelog.txt in all packages. If you need to update an older version you can use the file(s) in folder /update in each package. A detailed manual how to update to 0.2.3 will come soon.

htaccess file generates internal server error

In current versions the .htaccess file includes a line of code which could generate an internal server error (error 500) on your webspace when you try to install bloofoxCMS. The reason is that some providers do not allow to set any php configuration parameter in this file.
This line of code is not obligatory to use bloofoxCMS. If you have this problem please open this file and comment the line out. You will recognize commented out lines with a sharp (#). The next version 0.2.3 which will reach stable status the next days will work by default without this line, but anyways you should try to work with register_globals off to make your website more secure.

BloofoxCMS 0.2.3 Beta released

The first step to the next update is done by publishing our new beta version. bloofoxCMS 0.2.3 provides a lot new functions. Currently it is in beta phase but it will be tested thoroughly the next days and weeks so that we plan to release version 0.2.3 stable at the end of June. A changes document will be released with publishing the stable version.

Announcement: Next Updates

The next update will be released in a few weeks. There will be fixed mainly the security bugs which were published on some websites (don't worry they've less danger). In autumn we plan to release a bigger update to version 0.3 with some new features and many more new things.

BloofoxCMS version 0.2.2 is now available

The time was done again to release our new version 0.2.2. It is one of the bigger updates so that we will publish a detailed changes list shortly.
The demo was also refreshed to the new version. Information for updates are available in our support section.

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