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Automated Setup

This kind of installation is recommended for most users. Open a browser and type your url to your webserver folder where you uploaded bloofoxCMS, e.g. http://my.bloofox.com/cms/ to start the installation.

The install wizard will guide you through the install process. There are three steps:

Step 1

You have to type in your database connection data.

Step 2

bloofoxCMS will create tables in your MySQL database. If you have chosen the option "Install example data" setup will also create example content records in some of these tables.

Step 3

After install was finished successfully you need to delete the folder /install from your server. Afterwards you can login to the Admincenter. Your Admincenter is reachable by your url to folder /admin, e.g. my.bloofox.com/cms/admin

The default login is user "admin" and password "admin".

For problems or questions please read the Install FAQ in bloofoxCMS help. If you need more help do not hesitate to contact us.

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