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How to use the search plugin and the searchbox?

The searchbox needs to find a page for the search in your content summary. If there is no page entry in Admincenter -> Contents defining the plugin search it is not possible to use the searchbox.

Insert a new entry in Admincenter -> Contents with type "plugin", choose plugin "search" and if you like to hide this entry then use hidden = "yes" and insert the entry.

How can I include images and files in contents?

There are two ways of integration. If you use a WYSIWYG editor there is only way 1) to include images.

1) You can link directly to the media folder. In case of an image you add tag < img > setting src to media/images/image.jpg. In case of files you link to media/files/file.zip using tag < a >. WYSIWYG editors can create tags automatically when using the buttons for images or hyperlinks. Spaw2 also offers a file manager where you can choose the image or file from a list. For a correct funtion of the file manager it could be necessary to set the image and file folder in file config.php in spaw2's folder (plugins/spaw2/config).

2) You can also use the files image.php and file.php to include images and files. For images use image.php?img=Image.jpg. This file refers automatically to folder /media/images and searchs for Image.jpg. For files use file.php?file=File.zip. This file refers automatically to folder /media/files and searchs for File.zip.

How do I use the plugins login and registration?

These plugins are available since version 0.2.3. To install them please go to Admincenter -> Administration -> Plugins -> Add. Click Install to proceed the setup of the chosen plugin, in this case you have to do twice, each for plugin login and plugin registration.

When install is done you can go to Contents -> Summary -> Add. You can now add a page with type "plugin" and plugin "login" or "registration". Click Add content.

Last step is to insert the placeholder to your template. Look at the default template and copy it from there if you don't know how. The registration plugin offers once the registration process and a hyperlink to itself from plugin login.

How to use the page handling functionality?

In version 0.2.3 a new feature was implemented to handle pages with many content entries. On every single page can be up to 10 entries. If there are more than 10 content entries in database you can navigate through the following pages.

Before you can use this feature you have to add one placeholder to your template:

The technical background of this feature is a new parameter sent by requesting the url. It can be used with or without mod_rewrite. It works also with print views.

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