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Plugin gallery

The gallery plugin must be installed first.

Use gallery

You need to create a new page entry in your content summary. Please choose type "plugin" and for plugin choose "gallery".

Change to the editor view by clicking on the name of the page entry. You must insert one content with option blocked = "yes". Choose a title for that content entry.

In that content textbox you can use these parameter:

dir: directory of the images, e.g. media/images/gallery
img_width: width of image preview
img_width_large: width of original image view
img_limit: number of images per page

You have to set at least the directory to your images, all other parameter are optional.

The format of each parameter is parameter = value;


dir = media/images/gallery;
img_width = 120;
img_width_large = 600;
img_limit = 12;

Additional parameter for albums with several galleries:


img_width_intro: width of album image

Bug Tracker & Feature Requests
Please write bugs to the bug list. If you want bloofoxCMS to get a new feature please write your idea to the feature list.

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