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On your way searching for a CMS you may surf across the website which provides a big list with open source content management systems. bloofoxCMs is now also listed. But on this website you will find many more interesting articles and interviews about open source and CMS. Just have a look at it.


Beta test for website parts

Yesterday we installed the new unreleased beta version 0.3.3 for our website to check the beta version for the stable release. Only a few little problems occured while restructuring some contents in Admincenter.
The next step is to fix the known bugs and to update the demo. This will then be the last beta test before we will release the 0.3.3 stable version.
With restructuring some parts of our website we hope to have a better clearness for the visitors of bloofox. Shortly we will also publish the support forums for bloofoxCMS questions. Stay tuned.

2nd edition of version 0.3.2

In the first release of bloofoxCMS 0.3.2 the ChangeLog file didnt include the changes to version 0.3.2 and the update script didnt work. So we updated these two files. The result is a new download package.

There are no other changes between 0.3.2 1st edition and 2nd edition.

bloofoxCMS 0.3.2 stable released

Today is a good day because we could release our new version bloofoxCMS 0.3.2. The main changes are the same like in the beta version which we published about a month ago.

There is one new feature or maybe it's a bugfix, there was a problem with different character sets. The backend will now use the character set which is specified in the first project in your Admincenter installation. That means if you want to create a project with charset windows-1250 you need to set this charset in your project configuration. Then the Admincenter will use this charset as well.

If you want to create two projects with specific charsets you should install bloofoxCMS twice.


New beta version available

There is now a new beta version 0.3.2 of bloofoxCMS available for download.

Bugs fixed:
- search
Without mod_rewrite the page url includes a wrong parameter
- register
Without mod_rewrite the heading to step2 failes

- there is an own css class for print view
- login menu was changed
- guestbook css was not w3c compliant integrated in template
- the search will not longer search in contents which are for specific groups only
- the search will not longer search in blocked contents
- image titles can be added in gallery plugin instead of file name
- revised notification mail for admin with each register
- two mysql table columns were renamed
- new legend in Admincenter
- revised CAPTCHA functionality using gdf font, image captcha.jpg is not longer used
- preview of own user profile in Admincenter

The stable version will be released shortly.

Bugfix in demo data

In our last release from march 10th there was a bug in the install process when using the option "Install Demo Data". Install failed. This is now fixed in a new dowloadable file.

Sorry for circumstances!

bloofoxCMS 0.3.1 stable available

Today we published our brand new 0.3.1 stable version of bloofoxCMS. It is available for download from now on.

We like to thank all those who send us a lot emails with bugs, questions, feature requests and helpful suggestions. In particular we say thank you to Matt Bloom for his time to create the guestbook plugin and all others who spent time with good ideas for this release and of course for the next releases.

The change log can be found in our download file. Please read also the update information in our help section if needed.

Beta Release bloofoxCMS 0.3.1

The first new release in year 2008 is available from now. We gladly uploaded and can be downloaded in our download page.

We are sorry for the long period without updates and releases. In future months we will hardly work to get more features into our CMS and make several updates. For the moment we cannot offer quick support answers because of technical problems. But don't hesitate to contact us. Just be a little bit more patient the next 2 weeks :)

Thanks for your patience!

The next steps

In the past few months less modifications were done to bfcms. But we got a lot of feedback which is very important for future developments. We'd like to thank all for spending their time on it.
In the next few weeks we are going to work for a new release candidate. a few days ago there were two bugs reported on security blogs and forums. these bugs will be fixed. also we had many feature requests which will be checked to be implemented in one of the next releases.
We also want to revise our website for a better clearness and we still need to work on our documentation, developers guide and a bug/feature request system integration.
We also got some code scripts from users, which will provide us to extend the plugins collection. Thanks a lot!

Release bloofoxCMS 0.3 stable

15 days after the beta version the brand new 0.3 stable version is available now. You may download the full package from our website or at There are two different packages, a usual zip and a 7z package.

For updates from existing versions to version 0.3 please read our update help.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new version. If you find any bugs or you get any problems please don't be shy to contact us!