Installation FAQ

Error: /system needs chmod 777
Folder /system needs write permissions at the server. Use your FTP Client to change rights. Give this folder read, write and execute rights (rwx-rwx-rwx). You called it also chmod 777.

Error: /media/files needs chmod 777
See error about /system

Error: /media/images needs chmod 777
See error about /system

Error: /media/txt needs chmod 777
See error about /system

Error: file class_mysql.php could not be created
The installer was unable to write to folder /system. Give this folder write permissions (chmod 777) and try it again.

If the error still returns you have to copy this file manually before you can go ahead to the next step. Use file /install/class_mysql.default.php and copy this file to folder /system. Open the copied file and make your inserts for a database connection. Afterwards save that file as class_mysql.php. Now you can upload it via FTP to your server.

The automated installation can now be continued.

Error: Could not write install.txt to folder /media/txt
This folder needs write permissions (chmod 777). To finsih your installation please create an empty install.txt and upload it to this directory via FTP.

Install is now finished. Delete folder /install now.

Error: Database Error
It seems that there is already a table in your database with the same name as one of the bloofoxCMS tables.

Perhaps you have installed bloofoxCMS before.

If you need to install it a second time change the table prefix in file config.php and upload this file via FTP. Now retry installation.