Multi language support
All text constants are collected in one language file. any language is supported for use

Completely based on templates
Design and program code is strictly divided into two parts. The templates consist only html/xhtml and css (cascading style sheets). Placeholders include the contents to the correct place.

XHTML and CSS compatibility
The templates are conforming the W3C standards of XHTML and CSS.

Intuitive user interface
Easy to understand by using the same structure for all forms.

User management
All users can have different rights to make changes or see contents

WYSIWYG editor
This editor allows you to create or modify text contents like in word processing software.

Multi website handling
You may manage several websites with only one installation.

Plugin system
Extend your installation with different kinds of plugins or create your own extension.

Examples of plugins:
- contact form
- sitemap
- location
- search
- current date
- ...