Update 0.2.2 to 0.2.3

Please follow the instructions below. Be sure that you are upgrading from version 0.2.2 to 0.2.3!

1. Replace files
Extract all files from bloofoxCMS_0.2.3.zip/tar and replace all existing files of version 0.2.2

Notice: your individual changes will be overwritten so backup them and merge these files later!

2. Run update file in folder /update
execute www.yourdomain.com/path-to-cms/update/update_0.2.2-0.2.3.php
all changes in database will be done. if you want to change manually please use sql dump.

3. Changes in Templates
We added 3 new classes to the stylesheet file:
- .searchbox
- .login
- .submenu

There are 2 new template files:
- text_blog.html
- text_news.html

One template was modified:
- login.html

All changes can be taken from default template.