Update 0.2.3 to 0.3

Please follow the instructions below. This update is also relevant for version

1. Create backup

First you should create a backup from your existing installation of bloofoxCMS.  If you integrated any individual code or templates it is strictly recommended to backup this.

2. Replace files

Replace all files of your existing installation with the files from the new 0.3 version. If you changed the table prefix in file config.php you shouldn't replace this file.

3. Run update

Now you can start with the update tool. Open file /update/update_0.2.3-0.3.php in your browser. This update tool will modify your database with necessary changes.

4. Delete files

The following files and folders are not needed any more. You may delete them from your server:

- print.php
- templates/blue
- templates/grey
- templates/BE_mobile
- templates/BE_acs_blue
- templates/BE_acs_grey
- templates/BE_acs_yellow

Notice: All templates were completely revised. That means plugins could have changes in order to the revision (e.g. menu/submenu).

5. Integrate changes

Integrate your individual changes into the new version out of your backuped version.

For questions or problems we are available for support.