Older versions

bloofoxCMS 0.1.3
Release: 08/19/2006
Also available an update for version 0.1.2.

What's new in version 0.1.3?

1. Settings from database

The config variables filled with values in config.inc.php were filled too late. Now they will be filled when they are needed.

2. Download detail view

Not existing downloads in detail view indicated an error.

3. Mod_Rewrite link download categories

There was no mod_rewrite handling defined für download categories in location module and download module.

4. Guestbook site handling

Changed to same handling like in news

5. News

The word page ("Seite") was not multi lingual.

6. Admin Navigation

If level and sublevel were both same in an entry in MainMenu it resulted an endless loop while trying to browse navigation.php.

7. Downloads security patch

Hyperlinks from outside websites directly to dl.php?id=X are not blocked. Changed now.

bloofoxCMS 0.1.2
Release: 07/30/2006
Also available an update for version 0.1.1.

What's new in version 0.1.2?

- Contents can be access protected, that only registered users can access them

- No. of news are set in Admincenter

- The size of thumbnails and photos of galleries are set in Admincenter

- Contents are logged: who was creating it, when was it edited

- Some changes in Admincenter for better handling and style

- Admincenter errors are now completely multi language (German and English)

- Bugs were fixed:
a) in partner application
b) in Admincenter

- The setup was optimized

bloofoxCMS 0.1.1
Release 07/11/2006

bloofoxCMS 0.1.0
Release: 06/01/2006