Edit contents

To get to the Edit View click on the name of the entry or on the page icon.

You have the possibility to edit the contents with or without a WYSIWYG editor. The setting is global and covers all contents.

Edit contents with WYSIWYG editor

bloofoxCMS uses Spaw editor by Solmetra (www.solmetra.com).

With this editor you may create many different kinds of contents. It is delivered by an intuitive user interface like in text processing software.


It is not installed by default. Read Plugins -> WYSIWYG editor to find out how to install Spaw editor as a plugin.

Edit contents without WYSIWYG editor

For each content you create you can insert a separate title. For your  text you can choose the text align and the color of your  font. If you don't want to change it just leave it on the default value.

Next to the text box you can see all pictures of the media center. These pictures can be inserted with short tags or html code.

Following features can be used:

Short-Tags for images

[ IMG ]image.jpg[ /IMG ] Image below/above text

[ IMG left ]image.jpg[ /IMG ] Image left, text right

[ IMG right ]image.jpg[ /IMG ] Image right, text left

Short-Tags for hyperlinks

[ URL ]http://my.url.com|my.url.com[ /URL ] Default Hyperlink

[ URL extern ]http://my.url.com|my.url.com[ /URL ] Hyperlink opens a new window

All these tags are allowed:

a hyperlinks

img images

b bold

i italic

u underlined

ul unordered list

ol ordered list

li list element

span formatting xhtml-style

object, param, embed integration of e.g. Windows Mediaplayer