Create and edit pages

Before you can start with writing text contents you need to insert a page to the content structure. For that click the plus button "Add page" next to the filter. You'll see the following form:


Click on options to see more fields:


Explanation of the fields:

Name: caption and title of a page which is used internal and external

Type: Selection: Standard, External Url, Shortcut, Plugin. If you like to link to an external page you must choose "External Url" here. If you like to implement a plugin you must choose "Plugin".

- Standard means you like to write text with or without images.

- External Url creates a hyperlink (external or internal). The url must be inserted in field Url.

- Shortcut links to an other page

- Plugin loads an installed plugin which is defined in field Plugin.

Target: You decide in which browser window a url is opened. Empty means same window.

Url: In use with type "External Url" you have to insert an url, otherwise leave it always empty

Shortcut: With type "Shortcut" you have to select the page, which should be loaded.

Plugin: With type "Plugin" you have to select a plugin here, which should be loaded. You can only select plugins for contents.

Blocked: Blocked entries are not publicly available

Hidden: Hidden pages are not shown in menus or submenus, but are reachable over urls

Groups: Selected groups may access to this page, none selected group means open for all visitors

Relay Permissions: This option copies selected groups to sub-items (works only by modifying entries!)

Startdate/Enddate: Pages can be published in a defined period

Keywords: These keywords are used for search engines (meta keywords)

Insert after: Select a page you want to insert the new page below. The new page will get the same level as the selected entry or with option underneath one level deeper.