In bloofoxCMS you can set up additional languages up to an unlimited number of languages. The default languages are English and German. To add a new language go to settings. You'll see a summary of all installed languages.

Click the plus button "Add new language" to install a new language. It is possible to select files which already exist on your server folder folder /languages or you can create a new empty file. The option "Create new file" works only if folder /languages was set to chmod 777. You have to fill the new empty file afterwards with content.

The name of a language is used internal and external, e.g. in Meta-Tags of your HTML header.

You may also set a token. This token is used to control the language of the wysiwyg editor and for the Meta information of the content-language in your HTML header.

Additionally you can choose a language flag which must exist in folder /media/images and you can define some date formatting rules. These are default codes in PHP of function date().

d.m.Y = 25.11.2006
m/d/Y = 11/25/2006
j.m.y - H:i = 25.11.06 12:00