Configure projects

The first step of a website is to set up a new project. You can find a summary about all websites in Admincenter home. To create a new project click the plus button "Create New Project". You'll see the following form:

Click on Options to see more fields:


Explanation of the fields:

 Fieldname  Description
Name This is the internal description of your project. It is only used for Admincenter project list.
You have to select a language. This will control in which language different text parts are displayed. All installed languages are available for selection.
You have to select one of the installed templates. This template is the default template of your project. You may define individual templates for each page, which will overwrite the default setting.
You have to insert at least one url. This will be the url your project is reachable. The first url is also used to create hyperlinks to the pages and to handle internal file paths.

If the url is incorrect the system won't work correctly!

Insert one url per line. There must be no slash at the end.

Root Page
This is the first content page of a project. If no content page exists it will be created automatically by creating this project.
You may define user groups which can access this project. Only users of these groups may access this project then.

Don't select groups if this project is a public project.
You have to insert a title of your project. This title will be used in meta tags and the browser title bar.
You may define meta information for the meta tags in the html header.
This field is also used for a copyright notice in a template.
This field is also used for sender information in register mails.
Use this option to use search entry friendly hyperlinks. Instead of index.php?page=5 the system creates a hyperlink like yourpage.5.html
You may insert a default email address for this project. This email is used as senders email when the system sends mails.
Default user group You may define which user group is the default group for new users. This group will be used if users register by the registration plugin.
Mark new users as deleted With this field you can control if new users will be marked as deleted by default. This option can be used if you like to aprove new users.