Support Forums closed/removed

April 09 2010

Hello all,

we are sorry to tell you that our support forums are closed and removed from our website. If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible but don't worry if it takes up to 2 weeks.

Anyways we hope you enjoy bloofoxCMS.

Announcement: we will work on a better documentation that you don't need to ask that many questions. Hold on!

Thanks for your appreciation,

bloofoxCMS 0.3.5 released

August 03 2009

Today we released the new version bloofoxCMS 0.3.5. Please read the change log for further information of made changes. To update from older versions to the latest version please read the update information. You need to run once www.yourdomainname.com/update after you uploaded bloofoxCMS. If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to contact us.
Enjoy the new version!

Announcement: next release will come soon

May 30 2009

bloofox.com is still working on the next version of bloofoxCMS. But finally we will release it as soon as possible. Latest release date could be end of july but this is definitely the latest date for bloofoxCMS 0.3.5. Please stay tuned and visit our website intermittently. Thanks for your patience!

During the days we updated the forum software for our support forums to the latest version. We still have problems with spam and all that shit. So if you register to the forum please email us that we can enable your account. Sorry for circumstances but better that way than a forum full of trash ;)

bloofoxCMS 0.3.4 released

December 20 2008

We proudly present our next release bloofoxCMS 0.3.4. This will be the last release in year 2008, the next release will then come in Q1/Q2 in 2009. Please read the change log for changes in this release. The update help will be refreshed soon.

We wish all bloofoxCMS friends, users and visitors a merry christmas, thanks for your interest in bloofox.

Change Log is updated

November 16 2008

The change log is now updated. Here you can find the change log.

Support forums are open

November 15 2008

Since today you can use our support forums as well for technical questions, problems, feature requests and bugs. Please notify that you must be registered to post any posts, all registered users from bloofox.com have been assumed to the forums. They don't need to register again.

We hope the support forums will help you with your reuests and also it should help to build a community about bloofoxCMS. So long, post your issues...

bloofoxCMS 0.3.3 released

November 08 2008

bloofox.com is pleased to release our newest version 0.3.3 of bloofoxCMS. It has taken longer than expected but the result satisfies for the longer time you had to wait. This release also requires an update of the documentation because of a lot of changes in the backend Admincenter and new features. Currently the documentation update is in process and will be available soon. We hope you will enjoy the latest version even without a documentation which is up to date.

some highlights of this release:

- redesigned Admincenter
- new settings can be set in Admincenter, e.g. for email notfications, password rules and width of wysiwyg editor
- revised structure to edit articles in pages
- change password application for frontend (plugin) and backend (inbuild)
- many optimizations

The complete list of all changes will be available shortly.

bloofoxCMS listed in CMScritic.com

October 08 2008

On your way searching for a CMS you may surf across the website cmscritic.com which provides a big list with open source content management systems. bloofoxCMs is now also listed. But on this website you will find many more interesting articles and interviews about open source and CMS. Just have a look at it.

More: cmscritic.com

Beta test for bloofox.com/restructured website parts

September 30 2008

Yesterday we installed the new unreleased beta version 0.3.3 for our website bloofox.com to check the beta version for the stable release. Only a few little problems occured while restructuring some contents in Admincenter.
The next step is to fix the known bugs and to update the demo. This will then be the last beta test before we will release the 0.3.3 stable version.
With restructuring some parts of our website we hope to have a better clearness for the visitors of bloofox. Shortly we will also publish the support forums for bloofoxCMS questions. Stay tuned.

2nd edition of version 0.3.2

July 12 2008

In the first release of bloofoxCMS 0.3.2 the ChangeLog file didnt include the changes to version 0.3.2 and the update script didnt work. So we updated these two files. The result is a new download package.

There are no other changes between 0.3.2 1st edition and 2nd edition.